Deck Design and

Installation Services for Your Outdoors

Decks provide a functional, relaxing outdoor space for your home. With lots of fresh air and outdoor space, you are free to grill, eat, and entertain guests, especially during the summer months. If you’re interested in selling your property, decks increase the property value due to their appealing look and functionality. Alton Barnes provides outstanding deck installation, pool deck repair, and deck maintenance services.

Our contractors specialize in installing all types of decks. We use durable, high-quality, and affordable materials that are easy to maintain and customized to your preference. We install decks that complement your house design and outdoor space.

Types of Decking Materials

The following materials are the most commonly used to build decks:

PVC Vinyl
Pressure-Treated Wood
Our contractors can help you choose the ideal material for your deck based on your needs and budget.
Decking Materials

Deck Repairs and Deck Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance and inspections keep your deck in excellent condition. Our general contractors in South Shore, Cape Cod, and the Islands provide maintenance and repair services to keep your deck looking beautiful for years to come. Some of our maintenance practices include cleaning, sealing, staining, and repair services. We also offer paint services when necessary.

We highly recommend an annual inspection for safety purposes and regular deck cleaning to maintain its aesthetic appeal.

Contact us for installation, inspection, repair, and maintenance services you can rely on.