Alton Barnes is a sleepy countryside community in England, and the area’s refined, particularly British sense of beauty and elegance is a major inspiration for the company’s founder Marcio “Mack” Mombrini.

A veteran of the painting, flooring, and carpentry industries, “Mack” has spent his life realizing and restoring the beauty of his customers’ homes. “Mack” believes the home is a canvas for personal expression, and his years of experience has enabled him to do the work he loves with an artisan’s skill, all with the vision of the customer in mind.

Headquartered in Acton, MA, Alton Barnes brings craftsmanship, quality, and an artistic touch to the industry, one home at a time.

All of Alton Barnes’ craftsmen bring the very best in the industry to your home. With our holistic approach to interior and exterior painting, carpentry, and flooring services, we make sure that all loose ends are tied—if you need to repair a cracked wall, we will check the entire room. If you have a new floor being put in, we guarantee not only its beauty, but the integrity of all your home’s flooring to make sure we don’t need to be called in again. Alton Barnes is the full solution for all your home improvement needs.

Like a work of art, the place where life happens for you—and the beauty waiting to be revealed—is what inspires us. Contact us today for a free estimate, so we can get working on your next inspiration.

Exterior Surfaces We Paint

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